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Réseaux des Grands Sites de France

The Vézère Valley, the Hérault Gorges, the Deux Caps Blanc-Nez, Gris Nez, the Puy de Dôme and the Chaîne des Puys... The Grands Sites de France are protected sites, known to all for the beauty of their landscapes. Living territories, they are committed to a demanding approach supported by the inhabitants and local authorities: preserving fragile sites that are very attractive, while allowing each visitor to take the time to discover and experience the sites in a sensitive way.

The Grands Sites de France Network brings together 50 local authorities managing Grands Sites de France that have been awarded the label or are in the planning stage. Its members are involved in the national policy of the Grands Sites de France, supported by the Ministry of the Environment. They lead territorial projects aimed at reconciling the preservation of landscapes, biodiversity and the living environment of the inhabitants with harmonious local development. They develop sustainable tourism approaches aimed at providing an excellent welcome in rehabilitated sites where tourist pressure is controlled in order to promote the visitor's unique experience and the influence of the site on its territory.

The 21 labelled Grands Sites de France and the 28 Grands Sites de France in project are present in 12 regions and 43 departments, welcoming more than 38 million visitors each year and involving 12 million inhabitants.

Photo: Cap Fréhel. Grand Site de France Cap d'Erquy Cap Fréhel. CRTB

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