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Conca d’Oru «Grand Site», Patrimonio vineyard
Bay of Saint-Florent, Upper Corsica, Corsica

The Bay of Saint-Florent reveals the exceptional landscape of Mount Sant’Angelo’s crenellated limestone mountain range, with its Mediterranean plant cover and curve of vineyards further inland. Three natural particularities of this «Grand Site de France» come together in a harmony of shapes and colours, ensuring the balance of a region which is lovingly cared for by its local stakeholders.
© Armand Luciani

Conca d’Oru «Grand Site», Patrimonio vineyard Bay of Saint-Florent, Upper Corsica, Corsica 48
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Labelled in 2017, the Grand Site de France can be discovered as far as the eye can see from the wild schistose ridge line of its eastern coast. It offers grandiose views of the sea and the Gulf of Saint-Florent through 3 natural passes called "Strette". A singular dialogue takes place on either side of the 6 successive hills of the crenellated limestone chain of Mount Sant'Angelo, between the inner wine-growing conch and the coastal façade. However, these components, which are essential to the landscape quality of the site, are subject to pressure: urban pressure on an area located at the gates of the port of Saint-Florent and close to Bastia, and pressure from agriculture linked to the high added value of the vines. The efforts made have made it possible to preserve this landscape thanks in particular to a landscape, architectural and environmental charter. The local authorities and all the players have continued the commitment initiated by the wine growers who for years have converted 80% of their production to organic farming and created the Patrimonio wine route. This territory has thus found a harmony between land and sea that the intelligence and the hand of man want more than ever to preserve and pass on to future generations.

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