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Seine-Maritime, Normandy

After nightfall, the dizzying heights of the Pêcheries Museum observation tower, between the building and the sky, offers splendid views over the sea, the cliffs, and the town. Set in former cod drying facilities in the harbour, the museum tells the tale of Fécamp’s rich seafaring past. It is a major cultural and tourist hub for the town and region.
© François Dugué

Fécamp Seine-Maritime, Normandy63
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There are three ways of discovering the city of Fécamp: by sea, as one faces the cliffs, by land, walking through the streets of its medieval centre and along its quays, and now from the top of the sublime lookout at the Musée des Pêcheries. Perched 25 m above ground, it offers stunning 360° views over the sea, the cliffs, the port, and the city. The museum is also a place of remembrance for the region’s industrial heritage, since the former cod drying facilities, built in 1950, have been restored and turned into a vast cultural centre spread across 7 floors. Opened in 2017, it houses all the municipal collections from the Museum of Terre-Neuvas, the Musée de la Pêche, and the Musée des Arts et de l’Enfance. As the city’s flagship facility, the museum contributes to the territory’s attractiveness policy, promotes authentic events, and will be the focal point of the 2022 “Fécamp Grand'Escale” maritime event, which will bring together many legendary ships.

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