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Guebwiller Haut-Rhin, Grand Est

Encompassing seven villages on the Alsace Wine Route and seven Grands Crus, the Guebwiller region’s «Land of Art and History» owes as much to its natural wealth as to its manmade heritage. Its terraced landscape marks the start of the Guebwiller Valley from the Alsace plains.
© Vincent Schneider

Guebwiller Haut-Rhin, Grand Est 29
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Take a deep breath, open your eyes wide: you are about to dive into Guebwiller’s sublime landscapes. Let yourself be captivated by its impressive terraced vineyards, shaped by humans and implanted into the Vosges piedmont across 50-degree slopes. Supported by massive pink sandstone walls, rows of vines do not follow the lines of the slope, but are instead planted in parallel rows. More than a mere landscape feature, the walls require the skills of a team of specialised stonemasons, who are responsible for their upkeep all year. Appreciated from as early as the Middle Ages, the reputation of Guebwiller wine has given a new shape to the region. Winemaking and its ensuing prosperity have brought luxurious touches to its homes, with spiral staircases, turrets, and ample archways tall enough for the passage of barrel carts. Since the 20th century, the production of Alsatian wines has enjoyed a renewed boom. Benefiting from a triple exposure to sunlight and protected from the wind, Guebwiller is now the only municipality in Alsace to host four Great Classified Growths. This rich heritage brings timeless charm to the entire region

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