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Le Croisic
Loire-Atlantique, Pays de la Loire

A five-kilometre peninsula jutting into the sea, Le Croisic is a former salt trading port which has become a renowned fishing port and beach resort, without losing its authentic marine heritage. Braving the winds as you head to the end of the jetty or along the coast path, you will also discover villas of yesteryear in lost coves, a testimony to the early days
of sea bathing. © LAD / Alexandre Lamoureux

Le Croisic Loire-Atlantique, Pays de la Loire 32
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At the end of the world, Le Croisic is a 5-kilometre peninsula which appears to be floating in the middle of the ocean. Its port faces Pointe de Pen-Bron and Grand-Traict, which form an inner that feed the salt marshes. Since the 16th century, this small harbour town has been prospering thanks to the trade of Guérande sea salt, sold to Scandinavian countries, and later with sardine fishing. While its four canneries are now defunct, the former fish and salt market is still standing. One can still see merchants’ houses along the quays, or walk along the 900-metre-long dyke. With its timber-framed and tall fitted stone houses, the medieval town’s medieval heritage is well-protected against tides and winds. Now a fishing and yachting harbour, the small town of character of Croisic is exceptionally steeped in history. Its hiking paths and wild coastline are breathtaking! With light sandy banks as far as the eye can see where cockles and clams are harvested, crystalline coves and beaches, and a rich biodiversity, Le Croisic is a little-known town with well-preserved charm.

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