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Plaine Commune
Seine-Saint-Denis, Île-de-France

This urban farm is located on the historic vegetable farming site of La Plaine des Vertus. Four hectares of land which has been farmed since the late 19th century is now devoted to urban agriculture, with a beekeeping and farm animal centre. An exhibition retraces the farm’s history, and regular events are organised.
© Jeanne Frank - Plaine Commune

Plaine Commune Seine-Saint-Denis, Île-de-France 70
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Forming an isle of greenery at the foot of the towers, La Ferme Urbaine, of which only a small portion appears here, is located on a historic farming area, the Plaine des Vertus. Located to the north of Paris, the plain extends from Aubervilliers to Bobigny and runs through Saint-Denis. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was the capital’s edible garden, providing two thirds of its vegetable supply. These market gardens were progressively encroached upon by regional urbanisation and industrialisation, but the municipality of Saint-Denis managed to preserve some of them. When René Kersanté, the last market gardener to work the land, retired in 2017, the city wanted to carry on farming activities. Nearly 6 hectares are now devoted to them, through family gardens and La Ferme Urbaine, an urban farm. These market gardens are open to the public and feature cultural events and activities around farming and food. The site prolongs the history of farming this land into the 21st century, including by presenting tools on loan from La Courneuve, and with the aim of sharing the taste of nature to city dwellers.

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