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Saint-Pierre de la Martinique

Mouillage Beach is draped in magical light at dawn, an invitation to enjoy fleeting moments to contemplate the Caribbean Sea, peaceful here in this sheltered bay. A landscape imbued with poetry is the gift of Saint-Pierre de la Martinique,
a «Town of Art and History» which offers a concentration of delicate experiences.
© Gaspard Ferraty

Saint-Pierre de la Martinique Martinique81
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On May 8, 1902, Mount Pelée exploded in a glowing cloud that raced down slopes and covered the town of Saint-Pierre, known as the “Little Paris,” in ash. Behind the idyllic setting of Mouillage beach, a whole city had to find new life. The ruins of the former city are still visible. Climb the steps to the former theatre, enter the cell of Louis Cyparis, a prisoner who survived the 1902 eruption, or go looking for the fig tree house. But do not miss a stop on rue Monte au Ciel. Well-loved by sailors and dockers before the eruption, it is now the city’s particularly vibrant festive street.It was entirely renovated in 1991. What is most remarkable is that Saint-Pierre was able to transform a tragic episode of its history into historic heritage which is now one of the flagships of its tourist economy.Classified as a “Town of Art and History” in 1982, it is the most visited town on the island, essentially thanks to the development of marine tourism and to the 40 shipwrecks which sank into the bay in 1902. Behind the postcard vision of its beaches lies a city of authentic emotion.

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