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The Plus Beaux Villages de France®

Since their creation in 1982, Les Plus Beaux Villages de France® have anchored their strategy in a virtuous circle: preserving and enhancing the heritage of these exceptional places in order to increase their reputation and encourage harmonious economic development that respects the inhabitants and their living environment.

Today, the network includes 164 villages in 14 regions and 70 departments. They are rigorously selected on the basis of thirty criteria measuring their heritage, architectural and environmental quality, as well as their efforts to enhance their surroundings. This quality requirement contributes to the credibility and reputation of the label, the benefits of which cannot be limited to an increase in tourist activity or national or even international visibility.

Raising awareness of the richness of their heritage, attracting new workers, and maintaining economic activity throughout the year are all issues to which classification as a Most Beautiful Village in France® contributes. At the origin of the concept, the French association aroused the interest of other countries concerned about preserving their rural heritage.

Based on its model, networks have been created in Europe, Asia and North America. The "Most Beautiful Villages on Earth" federation has been gathering them since 2012.

Photo: Conques ambiance ©Y. Lemaître - The Most Beautiful Villages of France

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