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Camargue Gardoise «Grand Site de France»
Gard, Occitania

In the marshes surrounding Carbonnière Tower, in Camargue Gardoise, the Groul family, bull breeders for generations, guides its herd on horseback. As one of the key activities in this «Grand Site de France», these practices sustain the typical swampy landscape and help to preserve the rich biodiversity of this authentic and protected region.
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Camargue Gardoise «Grand Site de France» Gard, Occitania 80
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Between land and water, the Grand Site de France Camargue gardoise offers a timeless experiential walk. What is immediately obvious is the extreme linearity of the territory, the imposing presence of the sky, the typical vegetation, and the extraordinary biodiversity of more than 350 species of birds. The maintenance of traditional extensive breeding activities is not for nothing. The bull breeders, from generation to generation, work on horseback. Outstanding riders, these manadiers guide the bulls, at a walk, without rushing them. The breeding of Camargue bulls is a major activity for the Grand Site de France: lively, far from folklore, it symbolically embraces much of the relationship between man and nature experienced in this territory, such as the way of dressing, expressing oneself or developing the town. A piece of advice for discovering this unique and authentic territory which is not easily offered: be guided by the local population, they are its best ambassadors.

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