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Morbihan, Brittany

Clinging to the hillside, Josselin can be discovered by wandering peacefully through its narrow streets with old half-timbered houses, facades decorated with sculptures and flowery windows. Go and see its imposing granite castle, a remarkable testimony to medieval and Renaissance architecture.
© Alexandre Lamoureux

Josselin Morbihan, Brittany 21
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Founded in the 11th century by the Viscount of Porhoët, Josselin is a small town divided across the Oust River: to the north lies the upper town, while coloured timber-framed houses with flowered windows so typical of the region are to the south. In 1494, a fortress was erected, and Jean de Rohan built a new manor in 1500. The granite castle is one of the most important of France. It owes its remarkable character to its late 15th century flamboyant Gothic style, and to early 20th-century formal gardens, designed by landscape artist Achille Duchêne. Located between the Nantes Canal in Brest and the Forest of Broceliande, the castle and town are visible from the canal, when sailing its electric boats, or when peacefully exploring its charming streets, with half-timbered houses and sculpture ornamented facades. An outstanding architectural heritage and a major pilgrimage stopover in Bretagne, offering cultural events and activities throughout the seasons, Josselin is undoubtedly a well-affirmed small town of character.

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